We put the power of partnership to work with a custom-made, pedal-powered apple cider press. When everyone works together it’s not such a grind.

With more than 45 years of experience as a not-for-profit in New England, you can count us in to be your trusted partner in health benefits.

At Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, we don’t just want you to be well—we want you to be well informed. And we help you do that in a number of ways. Starting here. After more than 45 years serving New England, you can count on us to make your well-being our top priority. As a not-for-profit health plan, we’re not looking for higher profits; we’re looking to provide access to higher value and higher quality health care. You can find out more about our plans and services on this site, and you can also get a sense of what we mean when we talk about partnership.

A partner who never leaves your side? A team that’s always in sync? A friend to help you stay balanced? Whatever you need, you can always count us in.